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Picking a cremation URN can be hard, especially if you view it as an extension of the love one that has gone.

Cremation Urn’s for human ashes were always something stored to be forgotten, most of us would rather not think about the past in this case.

But not letting go means holding on to the pain, unable to feel the happiness that your loved one provided.

A cremation urn that is FRONT and CENTER means you cant ignore this, you can’t push it down into the dark, it means working through it, and living the life your loved one cant, living the life they would want you to live.

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  • Outside one funeral home, trucks shipped in about 2,500 urns on both Wednesday and Thursday, according to Chinese media outlet Caixin. (bloomberg.com)
  • According to Chinese government figures, 2,548 people in Wuhan have died of the virus. (bloomberg.com)
  • There were 13,856 cremations in Wuhan in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to Bloomberg calculations based on data from the city’s civil affairs agency. (bloomberg.com)
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No One wishes to be here - We will try to help you get through this quickly, so that you can get on with life.

No one wants to buy an urn.

We have a store, and we sell a thing that no one wants. We understand that, we understand that this is possibly a horrible part of the worst part of your life. It is more of a need than a want. So, if there is anything we can do, to help you through this, feel free to reach out.  We don’t know how to help you grieve, as it is something we all do differently. But hanging around on a website that sells urns is no ones idea of a good time. So, lets get on with it. We have tried to color things so that they are less tragic, and more just part of life.

Because really, that is where death fits in, it is part of life.


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funeral urn
200 lbs

Set of 4 keepsake cremation urns for human ashes

Give them the memory they deserve.

  • To make this difficult time easier, give them this lovely tealight candle ash urn to keep their memory alive. This item would look fantastic on your coffee table, sideboard, or dresser – we have found that sometimes people want the funeral urn nearby, but don’t want to have to explain it away.


  • This funeral urn is the ideal size for keeping the delicate remains of a little child, baby, pet or for family members sharing the remains of an adult. It can carry the ashes of a person weighing up to 50 pounds (although it is a set of 4 – so the total weight of the person could be up to 200lb – they have some spare space in each cremation urn the mass of the departed could possibly go up to 280 or 300lb).

  • The tealight urn is formed with the intricate silver screw-top lid, which has a dependable seal that will stay closed even if dropped accidently (most of the time).

  • Display on any surface with the smooth velvet base and protect during travelling with the complimentary velvet bag.

  • Each little cremation urn for ashes is painstakingly created, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake. These urns are cast from a robust aluminum before being sprayed and lacquered, and they are designed and made to last for generations.


  • Losing a pet is like losing a member of your family and can leave your home feeling empty. Fill your home with light by using this candle cremation urn as their ultimate resting place. This cremation urn is a great size for small pets, such as cats and small to medium-sized dogs weighing up to 50 pounds. It looks good either displayed on a table or upright against a wall.

  • Since memorials are more than just flowers, it’s important for them to achieve modern design that values innovation.

  • This is why we’ve arranged for the creation of metal urns from fovere.net that represent the genuine purpose of memorials; they allow you to cherish your loved one forever.

  • Remember them at their best and pay tribute to the fond memories you shared with a gorgeous cremation urn that will hold a special place in your heart and home for many years to come. The inclusion of a tea-light cremation urn makes it an especially wonderful way to celebrate and remember people who have passed away. It looks beautiful on a mantel, shelf, or sideboard. extra special way to celebrate and commemorate those who passed

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cremation urns
cubic inches
burial urn
cremation urn

Cremation Urns Costco


  • Big Box Cremation Urn Shops

  • Although Amazon and Costco offer urns, there is no personal touch, so many products cross these shelves that we doubt that grief is a part of their decision making process. Don’t get me wrong, if you want the best bang for buck, then a big-box outlet is sure to meet your needs, but if a personal touch is required then we would recommend sticking to those that set out to help those in this time of need. With the specific focus of reducing stress.

    There are many different options for memorializing your loved ones. These include cremation urns, burial vaults, caskets, and more. Each option has its own design and style. No matter what you choose, we rely on Fovere.net to make sure your loved one is remembered forever!

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burial urns

Cremation Urns Amazon

Ash Urns for Adults

In the year 2000, the Yanomami were living in a region of the Amazon rainforest near the Venezuelan/Brazilian border. Their primary source of food was the forest, but they also hunted animals and gathered plants. The Yanomami moved around frequently because they didn’t want to use up any more than necessary.

The Yanomami believe that death isn’t something that happens naturally. They think that a rival tribe’s Shaman sends an evil spirit into another tribe’s member. After death, the spirit needs to be protected until it reaches peace in the afterlife. They don’t hunt birds because the spirits might enter the bodies and not achieve peace.

Funeral rites are performed after death to help spirits move into the afterlife. Some religions perform funerals as soon as possible because they want to make sure the dead person reaches heaven or hell quickly.

Cremating bodies isn’t as easy as it sounds. A pire fire is not as hot as a crematorium, and therefore you need to wait until the corpse has completely combusted and turned to ash, this can take hours before collecting the remains can begin. Doing this takes time. Once the body has been collected, there is a lot of work ahead of you. After the funeral, you can hear singing and weeping during the cremation ceremony.

The Yanomami believe that after the cremation, they must eat the deceased’s ashes to keep the deceased’s spirit alive.

In the event that someone kills another person, the group might be able to get revenge by eating the ash remains of the murderer. However, the group must wait until the day after the funeral before eating the ash which is mixed into a soup. 

The spirits of the dead warriors aren’t happy, but they’re powerless to do anything about it. Their spirits can’t be released until their bodies are found.


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eco friendly
humming bird
tree of life

Urns For Ashes For Adults

An urn can be a one-of-a-kind memorial to someone you care about. It can be used to keep cremated remains or other memorabilia. Although ash caskets are available, they can be costly. Ashes might be spread in a cemetery plot or placed in an urn.

Cremation urns or ash caskets are frequently crafted from bronze, brass, silver, or gold. You might want to think about what kind of material your loved one prefered, if he or she had a favourite colour, or perhaps something passed down from another member of the family.

While you may be heartbroken that your loved one has died, there are steps you can do to ensure that you do not forget him or her. You can even hold them in your arms again if you use cremation caskets. These are containers that hold someone’s ashes after they have been burned and deposited in a container. You can also use an urn to keep your loved ones’ ashes.

Cremation urns are used to keep the remains of the deceased after death. These urns are intended to keep the body safe until it is interred or entombed. In some situations, families may desire to use them as a depository for loved ones’ cremated remains.

When a loved one passes away, it can be tough to comprehend that they are no longer with you. After all, your loved one was once alive and well; now he or she is but a memory. Worse, there may not even be any tangible remains of your loved one left behind. This makes it even more difficult for you to accept their demise.

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funeral urns
christian cross
360 pounds
cherry blossom

Wooden Cremation Urns

These wooden urns provide a unique and beautiful storage solution for the ashes of your loved ones.

Whether you’re looking for a simple bamboo urn, an ornate bamboo urn or a unique wood urn, we have something that’ll show off a gorgeous memorial to life. Browse Fovere.net’s lovely selection of bamboo urns for ashes to see all the wooden caskets they offer. These lovely wooden funeral urns are the perfect way to remember your loved one. In choosing the right wood/bamboo urn, here are some things to think about.

There are many different types of wooden/bamboo urns available. Some are made from solid wood, while others are hollowed out. And some are square, while others are shaped as cubes, rectangles, hexagons and more. You’ll also be able to choose between various colors, such as white, black, grey and more. We have found that bamboo resin urns can be molded in almost any shape.

Our selection of beautiful and affordable wooden cremation urn options includes a variety of woods and finishes. You’ll be able to pick out a style or design that reflects your loved ones’ personalities and individualities.

In order to make sure that your loved ones’ remains are treated with respect, we offer many different styles of cremation urns. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. We also provide personalized engraving services so that you can include any personal messages or symbols of remembrance in your container.

We offer our custom made wooden urns as gifts or keepsakes. All items are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods. Each item is unique, making each gift truly personal. You may choose your favorite color or design. Just let us know what you want!

You can also get our etched wood urn as a gift for someone else. Just fill out the form below and we’ll send your personalized engraved wood urn to them directly!

You may want to consider purchasing a wooden urn if you believe your loved one had a strong national heritage. These urns come in various designs, including ones that feature a clock face or a picture frame. Some of our other wooden urns include religious themes, such as prayer hands or angel wings.

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Cremation Urns for Humans

  • You won’t find a more comprehensive collection of adult urns for ashes anywhere else! As attractive objects, we have jewellery urns and large urns for ashes. However, you may be unable to decide what to do with your loved one’s cremains in a moment of crisis. As a result, you are unable to select acceptable cremation boxes. Biodegradable cremation urns can be used to disseminate cremains across water or land. Adult urns for ashes might be retained as keepsakes as well. They’ll look excellent on your living room’s mantle or shelf. There is also a columbarium or niche for persons. For burial, we have biodegradable cremation urns. Our shop sells inexpensive wooden urn boxes.

    You must travel with urns containing human ashes if you want to disseminate or bury cremated remains. Urns for cremated remains that have been approved by the TSA. So go ahead and choose from any of our unique urns for ashes. The urns for ashes will fit in the airport’s bin, we promise it. Human ashes will be able to be scanned in urns by airport scanners. Make sure you have the cremation permission and other paperwork required by the airports while travelling with cremation urns. Large urns for ashes from Divinity Urns may be scanned, making airport and train check-in easier.

    Fovere.net and their human bamboo cremation urns are completely biodegradable. As a result, you won’t have any problems transporting our urns for human ashes. When travelling, we recommend keeping human urns for ashes in your carry-on luggage.

    Examine the contemporary urns for ashes, such as metal urns for ashes and creatively designed urns for ashes. All urns for human ashes have different styles, forms, and designs, giving you with a lot of options.

    Our reliable company features a wide selection of urns for human ashes, including wood, brass, stone, and plastic urns. Above the mantle or on a shelf, a large stone urn might be utilised as a memorial. A biodegradable urn for human ashes could be used in a water burial. For human cremation urns, little, affordable ashes urns can also be turned into jewellery.

    Urns for human ashes can be turned into pendants or rings. This necklace is appropriate for formal occasions as well as family gatherings. You have a lot of options when it comes to cremation newborn urns for ashes from our collection of adult urns for ashes.

    You may be confident that you are getting the finest value whether you choose stone urns, brass urns, or purple urns for ashes. There’s a good chance you’ll find a gorgeous heart urn necklace there. A heart keepsake urn is a popular option.

    Consider a large urn with your loved one’s name and information engraved on it. Isn’t it fantastic? Personalised human urns with engraved names and photographs of the deceased are available from our company. We also offer souvenir cremation urns with specific themes, such as sports cremation urns and military urns for ashes.

    Wood cremation urns are commonly used to keep human ashes until they are buried. In columbaria and cemeteries, custom cremation vaults are frequently used.

    Military cremains can be kept in an urn with camouflage motifs from our store. Infant cremains can also be kept in human urns in the shape of an angel or a teddy bear. For ashes, personalised urns are prefered.

    It’s never easy to lose someone you care about. True, time heals all wounds, but it can never replace the loss of a loved one. The worldly worries may be gone for good, but you’re left with a new set of problems to deal with: grieving their loss, accepting their absence, and establishing your new normal. When you add in the necessity to make funeral preparations, you might be wondering how you’ll manage. We understand your sadness and want to help you adjust. That’s why Memorials.com provides a large selection of funeral urns for your ashes available online.

    In their absence, the right cremation urn for your loved one’s ashes can help to preserve their legacy. Our online platform allows you to browse our categories in the quiet of your own home to choose the right memorial. Take it easy. If you must, sob. Okay. We’ve hand-picked our options and included calming remarks to assist you in finding the right urn for your loved one’s ashes. See the table below for our ash container classes. Then scroll down for a decision-making guide.

    Small urns, often known as memory urns, hold only a few ashes. These are perfect for interment of ashes among other family members or as a memorial.

    Urns for ashes are often large enough to hold the ashes of two people. The ashes may be kept in separate containers in some situations. Others give you the option of mixing the ashes.

    In the memorial industry, a conventional urn holds 200 cubic inches of cremated ashes for a 200-pound person.

    For a person weighing 200 pounds, an urn with a capacity of 205–210 cubic inches is recommended (the bone density could be a bit more and it would be saver to go a bit larger).


Our Urn Collection

Memorial Vase Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns for Human Ashes

  • Adult
  • Available in Ceramic:
    • Blue and
    • White
    • Grey


Full Size Adult Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns for Human Ashes

  • Adult
  • Available in Aluminum:
    • Grey

Small Keepsake Funeral Urns

Cremation Urns for Human Ashes

  • Smaller
  • Available in Aluminum:
    • Grey
  • Available as a single urn – or if the wishes are for ashes to be held by multiple friends or family, also available in sets of:
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
Photo by Domen Mirtič Dolenec from Pexels

We are sure you have other things to do, let’s help you get this part out of the way.

What we do at Universal Urns

No One Wants to Do this

We understand that, this is quite possibly one of the worst things you have ever had to do, and hope to never do it again, we understand that – our aim, is to make this a little less punishing, and also, help move things along in a way that doesn’t upset you more.

Sometimes it feels like we can’t possibly cry more, but it seems we are limitless in our sadness.

We may fail to make this easier, but making this all easier is what we aim to do.


Our condolences.

Large Candle Funeral Urn

This is a large urn candle, we think that some people, friends or pets would like the extra space. 220 Cubic Inches. The lid contains space for a tea candle, sometimes people want to spend time remembering or contemplating a loved one, and this can be time blocked to the duration of the candles burn.

Memorial Scattering Urn Vases

This is the Memorial Vase Urn, it incorporates a fully sealed ash chamber – this provides a layer of protection to the ashes of your loved one. Sometimes people want their loved one near-by  but find it makes others feel awkward, this way, they can be near, no-one would know. At times the temporal nature of flowers helps some deal with the impermanence of life.

Single Small Candle Cremation Urn

This is a small candle urn (sometimes referred to as a keepsake urn), suited for a small package of human ash – or the ash of a small pet – 50 Cubic Inches.

Pair of Small Candle Cremation Urns

Sometimes, when someone passes their wish is to remain with more than one person. These keepsake urns are often used to split the ashes of a loved one.

Set of 3 Small Candle Cremation Urns

As with the Pair, when someone passes their wish is to remain with more than one person. These keepsake urns are often used to split the ashes of a loved one amongst 3.

Set of 4 Small Candle Cremation Urns

As with the set of 3, when someone passes their wish is to remain with more than one person. These keepsake urns are often used to split the ashes of a loved one amongst 4.

Hopefully we made this a little easier

Our online shop is here to get this Cremation Urn Selection process out of the way quickly

Universal Urns have partnered with FOVERE.NET to provide high quality funeral urns and cremation urns that will last. Cremation Urns that are here to help you deal with the reality you are facing, and hopefully will help you through this tough time.